All My Friends Are Racist

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5 part digital series for ABC iView 

Best friends Casey (Davey Thompson) and Belle (Tuuli Narkle) live the best life together as the hottest BFF’s in Brisbane until they find themselves cancelled by their friendship group for calling them racist. Belle thinks it’s the end of their social life but Casey sees it as an opportunity; they don’t need racists in their lives and they will start a revolution. Soon the friends are living up on infamy and likes but the higher they go, the bigger the side eye and soon Casey and Belle’s friendship is at risk of being cancelled as the best friends realize they don’t bring out the best in each other.


Enoch Mailangi 

Kodie Bedford



Tuuli Narkle

Davey Thompson

Leah Purcell

Lisa Kay 

Elizabeth Cullen 

Glace Chase 

Thomas Weatherall

Damion Hunter 

Winnie Mzembe 

Amelia Pitcher 

Jens Radda 

Wollie Gela 



Bjorn Stewart