Five Bedrooms: Season 3

8 x 1-hour returning romantic comedy series streaming on Paramount+

In Season 3, every member of this motley crew will be forced to face this question, as they try to navigate five unique crises; two couples living under the one roof, an unusual opportunity to become a parent, a garden-variety blindside betrayal, a brave new sexual journey and a marriage proposal. Or two.

Every single one of these dilemmas will test the bonds between the housemates, as they all wrestle with the same ultimate question…. what’s the best way to live a life, and who are the best people to live that life with? Life was always going to drag this disparate mob in different directions, but have they finally hit a deal breaker or is the version of ‘home’ they’ve found together better than anything… or anyone else?

Michael Lucas
Christine Bartlett
Alisha Hnatjuk

Kat Stewart
Stephen Peacocke
Doris Younane
Katie Robertson
Roy Joseph

Peter Templeman
Fiona Banks
Craig Irvin