Harrow: Season 2

10x 1-hour drama series for ABC Australia and ABC Studios International.

The brilliant, unorthodox forensic pathologist Dr Daniel Harrow is back! Waking in hospital several days after his near-fatal shooting, he is determined to piece together the puzzle of who wanted him dead – before the unknown villain tries again. Senior Sergeant Nichols promises that the police are on the case, and concerned friends and family urge Harrow to rest – but of course, Harrow cannot!

Harrow dives straight back into work, solving new cases every episode with the help of an extraordinarily intelligent and attractive new colleague, while doggedly pursuing the truth behind his own brush with death. Complications build as Harrow follows leads and bends the rules, only to bump up against dangerous dead-ends in his hunt for his antagonist. Nothing is as it seems, and Harrow begins to doubt his usually infallible wits. But when his daughter comes under threat, Harrow needs to dig deep, relying on his famous forensic skills – and a little luck – to solve the mystery of who is out to get him – a mystery that will throw into jeopardy everything Harrow holds dear.


Stephen M. Irwin

Leigh McGrath

Michaeley O’Brien


Ioan Gruffudd

Jolene Anderson

Damien Garvey

Robyn Malcolm

Darren Gilshenan

Remi Hii

Anna Lise Phillips

Ella Newton

Hunter Page-Lochard

Grant Bolwer


Catherine Millar

Peter Andrikidis

Grant Brown

Geoff Bennett

Mairi Cameron

Declan Eames